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Welcome to Z-Tech Builders & Excavators Inc. in Cortland, Ohio

Residential and Commercial Construction Company

For residential and commercial excavation, rely on Z-Tech Builders Excavators Inc in Cortland, Ohio. We offer comprehensive excavation services that cater to your construction needs. Our team of experts are trained and well equipped to provide you with efficient and reliable work.

Z-Tech Builders Excavators Inc has been in business for over 30 years, along with most of our employees. This equips us with the ability to offer Affordable Rates, Cost-Effective Services, and High Quality work.

Z-Tech Builders Excavators Inc offers Draining, Ditching, and Septic Tank Installation.
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We can manage your project from start to finish to provide you with a quality job and timely completion. Call us at (330) 637-5317 to hire our team of experts today.